What’s it about?

The Better Science Initiative is about improving the systems around science.

The systems that support and surround scientific research are often far from ideal and the conversations that are required to change them far from all-inclusive.

BSI is an action-oriented problem-solving community. We invite contributions from researchers at every level and all those in associated industries to address the shortcomings of our current systems and to seek strategies for improvement.

Ultimately, we are concerned with facilitating better outcomes both for science and for scientists.

Join our community by attending an EVENT!
Find more details here.


To see what’s going on right now, check out our Initiatives page.

For the moment, we are based in Oxford, UK, but we will be updating this website with appropriate resources (see our Blog) and we welcome contributions from wherever you are!

Follow us on Twitter @bettersci and contribute with #bettersci.

(Psst… Use the MENU button in the top right corner of the page to navigate around our website. No sweat!)

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